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Agave Body Brush - Dry, Foot, Nail Brush

Agave Body Brush - Dry, Foot, Nail Brush

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The agave body brush is a plant-based, multi-purpose brush can be used as a:

1. Dry brush - used on dry skin for exfoliation and body massage, which can help increase blood circulation and move toxins out of the body naturally

2. Foot brush - to remove stubborn dirt and rough skin on the heels

3. Nail brush - to eliminate dirt and germs around and under the nails

4. Bath Brush - for deep skin cleaning used with soap or a shower gel .\

This eco-friendly brush is made with simple, all natural materials: bamboo, sisal and cotton.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a vegan, plant-based brush made with sisal bristles which are coarse and are not as soft as bristles made from animal hair. They won't get a lot softer overtime, but it depends on how one uses the brush. Some enjoy using it wet to exfoliate in the shower. That is why we like to call it a body brush rather than a dry brush - there are so many ways to use it. 
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