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Rosemary Mint Black Hawaiian Salt Soap - Organic

Rosemary Mint Black Hawaiian Salt Soap - Organic

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The perfect bar to detox, exfoliate and refresh! This soap has the refreshing scent of rosemary and peppermint essential oils to cool and relax you while gently drawing out impurities from your skin.

What is black Hawaiian salt? It is pure Hawaiian Sea Salt that has been harvested from salt ponds on the islands of Kauai & Molokai, in areas that have not been affected much by marine contaminants and pollution. This salt is harvested in a way that retains electrolytes and valuable trace minerals, so that your body can benefit. The salt is then infused with activated coconut shell charcoal. This charcoal gives the salt its dramatic black color and its skin detoxifying properties.

Let's not forget this bar is also full of beneficial ingredients organic shea butter, organic coconut oil and more!

100% Natural and Vegan

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